Arte Casa offers a wide range of high quality Italian furniture and well-known brands. Our experience backed by more than 30 years in the sector, half of these years in the Canary market, as well as the personalized attention to the customer, the excellent after-sales service, the seriousness in our management and an iron constancy, they have allowed us to continue to grow and to assert ourselves in a relevant position in the current local market.
Arte Casa is a shop specialized on sector of home furnishings, specifically we are specialized in Italian furniture that we put at your disposal distributed in the following main sections:
The living room should be practical and comfortable. It is a place where we rest and keep our things at hand, hobbies, entertainment, etc. Let yourself be carried away by our ideas in classrooms you will have the room you dreamed of.
After that arduous day you like to get to the bedroom to rest, lie down for a while or just turn around acurrucad@ in bed while it is raining. You can decorate your most precious room the way you always Sońastes.
One of the most important parts of a home is the kitchen, where we always meet throughout the day and share our life with others in this space. What better than having the kitchen of your dreams where you can enjoy those moments.
The bathroom is as important as any other room in our home, we like a bathroom with clean finishes and lines with an elegant design.
All our furniture has the best quality, design and price of the market. This is because we import our furniture directly from Italy and there are no intermediaries to increase the value of our products.
We hope you enjoy your visit to Arte Casa discovering products that may be of your taste, do not hesitate to use the resources that we make available to our customers.
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